An Dinh Technology Development and Investment Company Litmited is the biggest manufacturer, trader and exporter of high quality rice products in the North Vietnam. Our head office locates in Hoe Lam village, Ngoc Lam commune, My Hao district, Hung Yen province.

An Dinh Co. was established on 5th May, 2005. Starting from works with immense fields, An Dinh has made its endless efforts to overcome initial difficulties and crisis to exist and develop in an integrated economy with fierce competition. We have been bringing about the essential living products by cultivators’ hard and arduous work.


The wish for the development of the domestic agriculture together with the experiences in and the deep knowledge about the natural climate conditions as well as the demand of integrated market help An Dinh produce successfully Japanese rice from 100% of the Japanese imported variety. The Japanese rice products of An Dinh Co. such as Koshi Hikari, Akita Komachi, Niigata Koshi Hikari are produced following a clean agricultural procedure, keep intact the strong  appetizing smell, typical glutinosity, high nutritional content of Sun-rising country; however, are suitable for constitution developing demand of Vietnamese, especially for the child, the old and the pregnant woman. Japanese rice produced by An Dinh is the product that tens of thousands of Japanese living and working in Vietnam have confidence in and have chosen during the past 15 years.

In May 2010, the development process of An Dinh Co. marked an important event. The Japanese rice factory at Ngoc Lam industrial zone, Hoe Lam, Ngoc Lam, My Hao, Hung Yen, with the modern, Japanese technology production line was inaugurated and entered production with the name: An Dinh Technology Development and Investment Company Litmited. This is the complex producing Japanese rice and high quality agricultural products in accordance with the standards ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, Halal that the competent organization issues the certificate.

The establishment of the factory is not only a developing step of An Dinh company but also the affirmation of Vietnamese brand in the integrated and developing period of Vietnam economy. With the achievements, this event proves the sound direction of the board of directors: improving the quality of the products and services, An Dinh will have more success and the Japanese rice of the An Dinh brand gains more and more the confidence of customers. With the 70% of the national market share, the customers can see our Japanese rice in the chains of supermarkets such as AEON, BigC, Fivimart, Intimex, Citimart, Unimart …; in the big or small stores or in the high-grade products of most Japanese restaurants all over the country. The customers can be easy to choose the products that are suitable for the demand on our official website: https://andinh.com.vn

We are prouder and prouder of that did, do and will continue to be together with other domestic firms in order to bring the Vietnam brands to the external world by the export contracts to Australia, New Zealand, EU, Russia, US, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italia, Poland … The Japanese rice of the An Dinh really satisfies the world’s strict quality criteria.

In 2018, An Dinh became the first Japanese-invested agricultural manufacturer in Hung Yen province. The capital contributor to An Dinh Company is one of the long-standing partners, the multinational corporation – JFC Japan Inc. This is a testament to the trust and long-term commitment of customers for An Dinh.

Currently, when the domestic market is becoming stricter and stricter for quality, consumers not only want to have tasty meal, but also want it to be clean and safe; An Dinh started to make research and develop high quality fragrant rice varieties such as ST24, ST25. These rice varieties are produced according to a clean process, well-controlling of fertilizers, irrigation water and especially not using harmful pesticides. The rice product therefore is safe for human consumption and delicious, confirm to the strict food safety standards of Japan, EU and the US. A series of products such as Tom Rice Brown Rice (Gạo lứt Tomrice), Tomrice Semi-milled Rice (Gạo xát dối Tomrice) , Tomrice Fragrant Rice (Gạo thơm Tomrice), Cai Hoa Vang Glutinous Rice (Gạo nếp Cái Hoa Vàng)… are An Dinh’s premium products with great taste that are highly rated by consumers in both the South and North.

All members of An Dinh, from the leaders to the workers, would like to express our gratitude to all customers from North to South, both domestics and abroad, who have always trusted and supported An Dinh. As our sincere thanks, we, accompanying with our farmers, are committed to produce the safest and most delicious rice products, for the health of all Vietnamese people.

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