Takumi Brown Rice 2kg

Takumi brown rice is a high-class rice product of An Dinh, a Japanese-invested enterprise.

This is a product with strict quality control in each production stage: selecting from clean raw material areas, controlling plant protection products, processing and preserving according to advanced Japanese technology; compliance with “Regulations on maximum limit of pesticide residues in food” according to current regulations of Vietnam, and control a number of banned active ingredients in rice to be eligible for exporting to EU and US markets, including:

– Agricultural medicine: Isoprothiolane (*); Hexaconazole (*); Difenconazole (**), Tricyclazole (**)

– Heavy metals: Cadmium (Cd) (*); Arsen (As) (*), (**)

(*) According to the regulations on maximum pesticide and heavy metal residue limit of (*) United States of America – USA; and (**) European-EU Economic Union.

Takumi brown rice has a delicious soft taste with balanced nutrition, very beneficial for health.

General information:
– Net weight: 2kg.
– Storage: In a dry, cool place, away from chemicals and high temperature. Rice tastes better when refrigerated. Be careful not to use the product when there is an abnormality.
– Expiry date: 06 months from the date of manufacture (packaging). See the Notice of Expiration here or download it here.
Origin: Cultivated and produced in Vietnam.
– Profile self-proclaiming product quality: Look up  here  or download  here.

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