Niigata Koshi Hikari Rice

Niigata Koshi Hikari rice is Koshi Hikari variety rice product, produced in a production area with clean water, fertile soil, limited use of chemical fertilizers and no use of toxic pesticides. Niigata Koshi Hikari Rice Rice is delicious, fragrant and bold taste, suitable for all ages for all family meals. This product is one of the main ingredients to make Sushi – a traditional Japanese dish.

General information:

–  Net weight: 5kg.

– Storage: In a dry, cool place, away from chemicals and high temperature. Rice tastes better when refrigerated.

– Expiry date: 12 months.

– Note: Do not use the product when there is an abnormality.

– Origin: The product is cultivated and produced in Vietnam.

– Profile self-proclaimed product quality: Look  here  or t frontier  here.

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